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The responses that I got, made me realize that I should have tried this a long time ago..

Thank you so much for your lovely service given to thousands of thousand bachelors who are waiting to find their soul mates. Keep it up and maintain the valuable service you render through your site and it is indeed in a money minded society your service is great . Yes it is marvellous. Once again we both of us together must be thankful to you all very much for giving this opportunity to make our marriage a reality.

‐ Namrata, 26, Journalist

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Unknown to me, my special someone was just a few miles away...

Really pleased at how respectful the members were on this website; They take marriage seriously! I would happily recommend this to any one seeking a matrimonial relationship. I didn't have to travel the world to find Mr Right. He was almost around the corner and I didn't even know till I checked out his profile! Now Anik and I have known each other for few months and soon we will be inseparable.

‐ Barsha, 26, Australia

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With my busy schedule this is certainly the best way to find someone to share my life.

Though I tried for a suitable match through family connections and many newspaper ads, I finally found mano through your site. Last month we met through Rishta - Pakistan Matrimony and the alliance has been fixed. I thank you & the Rishta - Pakistan Matrimony team for helping me in finding a happy match

‐ Akram, 29, MBBS

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We chatted for months and decided to go ahead before his parents spoke to my father.

By then we felt like we've known each other for ages. For a successful match-making and a happy marriage, both partners should get the opportunity to communicate effectively and set the expectations right before making a decision. We (Me and Avishek) think that, Rishta - Pakistan Matrimony is a great matchmaking site.

‐ Soshi, 26, Teacher

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Looked all over the world, but I found my man in Islamabad.

Within a month of adding my profile to Rishta - Pakistan Matrimony, I had so many great proposals I dint know how to choose. So when I read Sohel's email I wasn’t sure how to respond. We decided to meet up the next time he came to Melbourne and we soon knew we were perfect for each other!

‐ Ishika, 28, Accountant

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We found a match for my sister who lives in LA sitting here in Islamabad.

My sister is very fussy, and I knew she would only agree to someone she clicked with... and that too, with a permanent citizenship. Luckily, I had put her profile on Rishta - Pakistan Matrimony and found 2 LA based Community that she liked. She's chosen Rashmi and they plan to get married by year end ...

‐ Zahid, 33, Research Analyst

With thousands of members spread across all Pakistan communities and languages you'll never run short of choices. Advanced Search Capabilities creates a world of choices.

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I was unsure about the kind of people I would find online... till I came here.

The quality of the proposals was a pleasant surprise. I like how privacy is the main focus of this site. I feel comfortable as all my pictures are private and users need authorisation before seeing them. I can also browse profiles for compatibility without revealing myself searching. All these were guys who were really serious about marriage. Though I received several decent proposals and met some of them, it clicked for me when I met Bhupraj on your site. He was working in Boston while I was with my parents in Colombo.

‐ Fahmida Fima, 26, Doctor

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