zahratabbasum's Profile

Age: 36

City: Islamabad

State/Province: Islamabad

Country: Pakistan

Education: Masters degree

Religion: Islam

Career: Unemployed/Housewife

Marital Status: Never Married

Profile Rating: 5/5

About me

Plz don't match if yr only looking to date....

All my basic details are mentioned here,kindly read them before initiating contact so it doesn't turn out to be a typical interview which seems quite boring...

-M from Islamabad
-Family oriented
-Big on honesty
-Straight forward
-Don't work(have no intentions of working in the future)Masters in Literature
-Moderately practising religion

Searching for someone lively,educated, down to earth in Islamabad rwp only...Not looking for friends or time pass...

Only serious people,fake,ARROGANT,confused,judgemental non serious people stay away pls(People living in the past or holding grudges of their exes pls swipe left as its not fair that we should suffer the consequences of someone's bitter past)...

Recent pics pls it's a disappointment to see that people don't resemble their pics in real as they have old pics on profilez...

Ghosting is an offense ,so if yr here for sending a msg and disappearing pls swipe left.

I have to confess that mutual attraction is also very important...

#love and respect

M here with the right intentions and expect the same

Looking for someone honest,loyal to settle down InshaAllah(if things work out within a few months)

Parental involvement is actively welcomed and encouraged at any stage.

NOTE:M here for marriage purpose only,pls don't show interest or send message if u have any other intentions other than marriage.